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SMG Consulting Announces New Team for Outdoor Destination Tourism Management Planning


Carl Ribaudo

SMG Consulting, located in South Lake Tahoe, CA, has announced a new team for outdoor destination tourism management planning as the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the competitive dynamics of the tourism industry and increased the visibility and visitation of outdoor destinations. The increased visitation further exposed an already significant tourism trend. These impacts on the local community's need for Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) destination management strategies have never been more significant in outdoor destinations. The need for balance between visitation and stewardship is more important than ever before.

SMG Consulting has assembled a team with unmatched qualifications, experience, and background in all aspects of destination tourism management. The team and its programs are designed specifically to address those destination issues and provide its insight and expertise to government, destination marketing organizations, private businesses, and destinations better to manage tourism and its impacts in this new environment.

The team brings a unique set of integrated skills, including market research, economic analysis, environmental stewardship, sustainability, outdoor recreation management, housing, air service development, and more—all designed to work interdependently on each assignment.

SMG Consulting has developed an interdisciplinary Holistic Destination Management Strategy© approach that combines environmental, tourism, and economic expertise. It focuses on visitors, residents, the tourism industry, and local government to design and address destination tourism management planning.

The team has extensive experience in outdoor destinations, including those in California, Nevada, Colorado, and Montana. Being located in South Lake Tahoe, the team uniquely understands the need for sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation approaches.

The team has extensive experience in a single location and regional approaches with a variety of participants. The team also has extensive experience interacting with Government agencies, including local, state, and federal related to resource management and sustainability. Team members include the following:

· Carl Ribaudo- Chief Strategist and Managing Director

· Danna Stroud- Outdoor Recreation/Sustainability Consultant/Federal and State Agency Expert

· Jeff Moffett Ph.D.- Economist

· Lauren Schlau- Market Research and Analysis

· Beck Bell- Sustainability Strategist

· Darin Dinsmore- Urban Planner

For more information, Contact Carl Ribaudo at 530-957-5299 or

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