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Carl Ribaudo

President l Chief Strategist

Carl is an analyst, strategy consultant, strategic thinker, thought leader, and innovator in the tourism industry.  Carl has pioneered the use of economic modeling, scenario planning and asymmetric thinking in tourism and recreation industry strategy development.  He has developed and implemented a wide range of services designed to create value and improve the competitiveness of destinations. Most recently, he has developed new strategy ideation approaches for destination tourism that tap into a destination's creativity as a unique competitive asset. He also develops effective change strategies that link a DMO's capabilities to the ever-changing market environment. Carl is a trusted advisor to CEO and senior executives throughout the industry.

Carl is a writer who has written extensively on business and strategy issues for the tourism industry.  A frequent guest speaker and panelist at industry conferences, Carl served on Visit California's Research and ROI. Committee and on Travel Nevada's Tourism Marketing Committee. Carl is also a partner in the Travel Analytics Group research firm, and a founding member of OHV Partners and he is a strategist in the Insights Collective, a national tourism think tank.

Carl obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Northridge.  He received his master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from San Francisco State University Graduate School of Business. He also completed a certificate program at Cornell University in Organizational Change Leadership and a certificate program in Strategic Thinking from Dartmouth College.

He enjoys riding his BMW motorcycle on two-lane roads throughout the west, trap shooting, river rafting, and skiing.



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