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Coming Soon "Strategy Matters" Series of Articles for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)

SMG Consulting to release "Strategy Matters" Series of

Articles for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)

I am pleased to announce I am releasing a new series of articles, "Strategy Matters" for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). The series includes three insightful articles designed to challenge the current thinking about strategy and planning and provide DMOs insights to improve the effectiveness of their organizations in ever more turbulent times.

The first article, Strategy is Not Planning, looks at the difference between developing a list of things to fund and implement vs. developing a strategy designed to change the playing field to your destination's advantage.

The second article Metric Centric Vs. Strategy Centric Are DMOs Missing the Forest from the Trees? It looks at how focused DMOs have gotten over the past 20 years on metrics. In doing so, they have missed and, in some cases, undermined the opportunity to develop competitive strategies to change the playing field to their advantage.

The third article So, your DMO has a New Strategic Plan, Now What? Takes a close look at the process DMOs use to develop strategy given the changing environment. What worked before Covid may not be the best way today. Has your organization evolved?

The new series starts next week, and articles will be released weekly. Don't Miss It!

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