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Strategy Mentoring

Carl Ribaudo

President, Chief Strategist

Carl Ribaudo a strategic thinker thought leader and innovator in the tourism industry.   


Carl’s strategic experience spans both national and regional markets. His experience includes over twenty years of teaching marketing and competitive strategy at the college and university level and his destination competitiveness and strategic marketing is unmatched. He currently serves on two different state marketing advisory committees (California and Nevada). He also has a full understanding of the political dynamics of tourism, stakeholders, and board of directors.


You have access to a person who has been in the most important meetings developing strategy and making decisions at the national and regional levels. Carl has completed dozens of marketing strategy plans for destinations across the country and implemented hundreds of marketing research projects.


The focus of strategy consulting is on strategy; at the organizational level, the department level or the project level. We serve as a marketing and strategy resource for executives at all levels. We ask questions, challenge assumptions, help provide you clarity, resources, and with your approval, we will provide you with advice and insight gained over hundreds of projects and consulting engagements.

Who can benefit?

  • CEO’s and Senior Level Executives- We can assist with strategic-level issues at the destination or organizational level, Board of director issues, local government issues.

  • Manger Level- We can assist you in dealing with specific projects, advisory groups. Marketing and tactical strategy plan development

How can you benefit?

  • Enhancing your performance and increasing your effectiveness

  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence

  • Leveraging your talents

  • Building new skill sets

  • Increasing the likelihood that your personal and organizational goals will be reached

We can assist you with the following:

  • Enhance your strategic/competitive strategy thinking skill

  • Developing and/or clarifying organization/marketing competitiveness issues

  • Marketing or strategy planning questions

  • Issues and strategy framing

  • Positioning your destination, your marketing ideas, your plan for success

  • Developing or reviewing marketing and strategy plans

  • Reviewing your analysis

  • Assist you in framing and developing key presentations

How do we do this?

  1. Help you see the situation/issue clearly that you are involved in and how it connects with the bigger picture of your organization’s strategy and goals.

  2. Assist you in clarifying your goals or your project's goals.

  3. Learn new ways to assess the situation or the issue.

  4. Leverage your existing strengths.

About the experience

Your coaching experience starts with a first an initial consultation meeting that includes understanding the situation/dynamic you are involved in. Some background about you, an understanding of your organization. Once this background has been established, we will move forward with a plan that best suits your individual needs to give you the information, knowledge or insight to improve your skills.

Our coaching engagements typically follow these steps:

  • Intake and assessment

  • Goal setting

  • Ongoing coaching and skill development

  • Measurement of results

Pricing / Package Options

We have designed a number of pricing/package options to fit your budget and needs.

Contact us for a package to fit your specific needs.


To reserve your first coaching meet-up with Carl, go here.

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