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Carl Ribaudo adds perspective at Tahoe Economic Summit

The Tahoe Economic Summit, held in Kings Beach earlier this month, assembled 150 economic, academic, governmental, environmental and social advocates to address what is needed to improve housing, build a stronger workforce and expand economic opportunity at Lake Tahoe.

They concluded: advocate for simpler processes to approve workforce housing, collaborate relentlessly to attract and retain an exceptional workforce, and bring business and community leaders together regularly, in order to expand existing and develop new economic sectors.

The summit, organized by the Tahoe Prosperity Center, whose purpose its CEO Heidi Hill Drum said is to “bring people together to talk about economic issues,” was the third held by the center.

It’s theme was “Transform Tahoe.” Hill Drum said several had asked, “Why would you want to transform Tahoe?” She explained, the summit’s aim was not to transform the Tahoe experience, but to transform its processes to ones that are more responsive to the best interests of its environment, community and economy. read more

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