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mp4, you can make it a soviet video. .mp4. And this loop video could be a meme video. .mp4, so you can make a funny youtube loop. And this loop video might be a creative background for Youtube playlist .html or your for Youtube video share. Like this funny .mp4 . Thanks for watching this video. Please leave a like if you like this creative concept. And don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. SuperPierianColors We all hate when our music starts repeating. We sit and we stand and try to avoid repetition. We know that music with repetition is better than music without repetition. If you want to make music that you love, then you need to understand the concept. After the music has repeated itself, it goes through a few stages: first it’s very short, then it’s long, then it’s longer, then it’s still long and then the whole song is over. What is this song? Let’s see how to make a musical pattern with repetition. Step 1 First, you need to make a loop. Make a loop of the song you want to be repeating. This is the only song that you need to work on. So, you have to change it. Step 2 This is a second loop, you need to edit it as well, but make sure you are cutting the music by taking out every second so it only cuts part of the track. This is for the track that is repeating. So, you need to cut it and replace it with the original loop. You need to check it out on your editing software so that you can get it done. Step 3 This is the final step, you need to run both of the loops together. You don’t need to change them as much, just check your editing software. With this, your song will be in musical repetition. So, this is the easiest way to make a musical pattern with repetition. Designing a home is a lot like planning a party, we need to try to think everything through and then leave space for the unexpected. Here are our top 5




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