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The tourism industry is rapidly changing. 

Use the very best strategies to

transform your DMO.




Strategy Design for

overachieving DMOs

What is JAZZ Strategy Design?

Unlike the typical strategic planning process, JAZZ is a nontraditional, creative, approach to increasing the competitiveness of your destination's experiences.

JAZZ Strategy Design  vs Typical Strategic Planning

  • Open-ended
  • Idea-driven
  • Bottom-up approach
  • Closed-ended
  • Priority-driven
  • Top-bottom approach

So What?

JAZZ Strategy Design brings DMO leaders much more creativity for their strategic design process creating an innovative strategy that gives your destination a clear space in the marketplace and competitive advantage over the long term.


FREE 1-Hour Consultation

As tourism continues its rapid change--and will continue to for the foreseeable future--it's the right time to be equipped with the very best ideas and strategies to innovate and transform your DMO and increase marketplace competitiveness.


Discover how SMG Consulting's JAZZ Strategy Design  is the right note for your DMO.

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