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DMO Evolve and Recover Help for COVID-19




Choose from among SMG Consulting's DMO ER offerings presentations, workshops, services, and resources for the suite of solutions just right for you.




What's Next? Rethinking the DMO for a New Agenda (Presentation)

What's Next? Rethinking the DMO for a New Agenda is an exciting new presentation that looks at the DMO and the opportunity that COVID-19 provides to transitions the organization to not only manage through the pandemic but how to more competitive on the other side.  The presentation helps those in the destination to understand the drivers of the current situation better but also challenges listeners to think of the pandemic from an opportunistic framework and use it to improve the organization's effectiveness.

Approximately time length: 45-50 minutes

COVID-19 Risk and Tourism: Is health risk the critical determinant in tourism coming back?

Risk and Tourism: Is health risk the critical determinant in tourism coming back? Is a thoughtful presentation designed to assist the demo and the industry in understanding the tradeoffs in COVID management and visitation? The presentation uses the most recent data from the Travel analytics group, RRC associates research, and Inntopia all blend to present a compelling picture of why DMO's need to evolve and shift to manage the new reality of health risk in the destination.

Approximately time length: 3-40 minutes

Destination Scenario Planning in the Age of COVID -19

This presentation is based on a white paper that illustrates how to use scenario planning during the age of COVID 19. The presentation is a "how-to" for DMO t understanding the key macro-environmental drivers that are impacting the destination. How to uses the scenario matrix and how to generate scenarios for a destination. It is a thoughtful and entirely new approach to top-down single outcome planning.


Recovery Strategy Planning Services


Destination/Organization COVID-19 Recovery Strategy Design

Have the COVID-19 crises convinced you to take a whole new look at your destination s competitive strategy? The world has changed, and if you agree, things are not going back to normal, look ahead with a comprehensive destination strategy.  Jazz strategy design is SMG's flagship service. It is innovative and tested to improve your competitiveness. Jazz looks beyond your destination's assets like hotels, golf courses, and special events and harnesses your most valuable asset, your destination creativity. During this pandemic, it's destination creativity that is going to separate those that succeed.

COVID-19 Recovery Scenario Planning

SMG exclusively uses scenario planning can provide the destination with a variety of scenarios that they can use to plan for. Our process is inclusive. It is designed to get the DMO to a place where they have successfully anticipated the future and have a response.

Economic Impact and Modeling Services

The SMG Consulting COVID-19 Recovery Economic Modeling

  • Destinations throughout the country are struggling to figure out the impact of COVID on tourism in their destination.

  • More specifically, the impacts include travel spending, employment, and tax revenue generation for a destination.

  •  As the environment continually changes, DMO's need to be able to develop different scenarios for their destination effectively.

  • The Destination COVID Recovery Economic Model was developed to provide answers for DMO and to have the capability do develop multiple scenarios for consideration.

  • Complete implant analysis for your destination.

Destination COVID Recovery Economic Model Features

  • The model features include the ability to set up a multiple scenario forecast for your destination. Projections can include total visitor spending, lodging revenues, Transient Occupancy and sales tax, room nights, number of visitors, and more.

  • The model can be set up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual forecasts depending upon assumptions.


Model Inclusion and Pricing

The custom Destination COVID Recovery Economic Model for your destination includes the following:

  • A baseline projection for your destination that includes travel spending,

  • Tax Transient Occupancy Tax, Business Improvement District assessment, and employment.

  • Two additional scenarios. (Other scenarios are available at additional costs.)

  • PowerPoint report

DMO COVID-19 Recovery Resources

Recent COVID Related Papers​​​​​

Recent COVID Related Webinars

  • COVID-19 Part 1: Potential End Game Strategies

  • COVID-19 Part 2: DMO's and the Future

  • What's Next for DMO's? The New Frontier

  • What's Next for DMO's Part 1 & 2

  • The new landscape and the DMO


SMG provides one-hour free consultation to any DMO. 

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