Recreation Tourism insights, strategy and tools

SMG Consulting provides a robust and full range of recreation marketing tools that can supercharge your competitive strategy and help drive greater marketing success.

Recreation User Profile Study

The SMG Visitor User Study is the classic study to understand the characteristics of those who are using your recreation services/products. It includes the following:

– A thorough analysis of user’s behaviors, perceptions and attitudes

– Demographic information of users

This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.

Recreation Special Events Research

SMG’s Recreation Special Events Measurement allows you to measure the following:

 – Understand who is participating in your event, the role special events played in their decision to visit as well as their demographic and behavioral profile.

– Understand the economic impact of your special events allowing you to prioritize special events to meet your destinations goals.


This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.

Organization Database Profile

The SMG Database profile looks to identify who your customer is and provide a level of detail that allows your organization to improve this asset as a marketing tool. The profile seeks to identify the demographic characteristics, primary reason of interests, perception and attitudes.

This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.


Recreation Marketing Research and Insight


Recreation Strategic Marketing and Planning

Recreation Strategic Plan

The SMG Organization Strategy is designed to improve the competitiveness of your recreation experience. The strategy is focused on understanding the changing macro environment, your organizations strengths and weakness, your opportunities and capabilities.

We offer this service in two distinct approaches depending upon your organizations culture.: Classical and Jazz.

  • Our classical approach is a traditional stop down strategic planning design that starts with your senior managers and we develop a strategic plan based on the consensus direction.

  • Our jazz approach is a non- traditional approach to increasing the competitiveness of your recreation experience. It’s a bottom-up approach that brings much more creativity to the strategic design process creating an innovative completive strategy deigned to give your recreation organization a clear space in the marketplace and competitive advantage over the long term.

Marketing Action Plan

The Marketing Action Plan is focused on achieving your recreation organizations marketing goals. The Action Plan identifies the specific steps needed to achieve the organizations goals. After the organization has defined its vision and identified it’s marketing goals, the action marketing plan defines your path to your goals and guides your decisions throughout the year. The Action Plan lays out specific action steps for media, sales, social, public relations/Content development, special events, measurement and more.

We work with your staff to focus their efforts on identifying the specific action steps designed to reach and/or optimize your goals.


Recreation Tourism Economics

Visitor Demand Estimate and Future Forecasts

This baseline assessment will quantify your present user characteristics. Knowing who your customers are, why they visit, from where, when and in what proportion will allow you to develop a more coherent marketing strategy for your organization. What motivates one visitor profile may not attract other profiles. Every organization has a specific visitor profile they would like to see more of and often.


Recreation Organization and Change

Organizational Strategy Design and Plan

SMG’s organizational strategy design and plan assists your organization identify important long-term strategies to ensure competitiveness.

Organization often do not recognize that their ability to change affects their competitiveness. The easier and more fluid this change is, the more competitive a organization can be.

When assisting organizations with change strategy, we provide an overview of the forces of change shaping the specific issue a organization is focused on. We then develop a Change Map that outlines the strategies and action steps to successfully implement the desired change.


Finally, we assist the organization at whatever level of support it deems necessary.