Destination Services

SMG Consulting provides a robust and full range of destination marketing and tourism research tools that can supercharge your competitive strategy and help drive greater marketing success.


Destination Strategy, Design and Development

Jazz Strategy Design

Jazz Strategy Design is our flagship service. It is an innovative and tested process for improving your destination's competitiveness. The strategy is focused on understanding the changing macro-environment, your organization's strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and capabilities.

Marketing Action Plan

The Marketing Action Plan is focused on achieving your recreation organizations marketing goals. The Action Plan identifies the specific steps needed to achieve the organizations goals. After the organization has defined its vision and identified it’s marketing goals, the action marketing plan defines your path to your goals and guides your decisions throughout the year. The Action Plan lays out specific action steps for media, sales, social, public relations/Content development, special events, measurement and more.

We work with your staff to focus their efforts on identifying the specific action steps designed to reach and/or optimize your goals.

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Destination Tourism Economics and Market Research

Visitor Demand Estimate and Future Forecasts

This baseline assessment will quantify your present destination characteristics. Knowing who your customers are, why they visit, from where, when and in what proportion will allow you to develop a more coherent marketing strategy for your destination. What motivates one visitor profile may not attract other profiles. Every destination has a specific visitor profile they would like to see more of and often.

Tourism Economic Impact Analysis

This study allows you to understand the value of each of your visitor segments. This study provides a baseline revenue assessment of your tourism economy. From this baseline, revenue and other metrics will be monitored over time to better understand the factors influencing your community.

Destination Tourism Strategy Modeling/Scenario Planning

From baseline assessments of demographics and economics, we can forecast the outcome of alternative marketing scenarios. Forecasting and scenario modeling will help you to develop better marketing strategies. Scenario planning will improve your allocation of limited marketing dollars, allowing you to achieve your destination’s goals more effectively and efficiently. This process allows you to ask “what if” questions about your marketing and destination strategy and understand the economic impact of those decisions. This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.

Website Influence and Return on Investment Study

SMG’s DMO Website Return on Investment Study is a comprehensive approach to measuring the effectiveness of a DMO’s marketing programs and how they influence potential visitors to choose your destination.

– We identify the impact your efforts have on driving those all-important incremental visits, and what the economic value is to your destination and to your funding sources.

– We provide a thorough analysis of visitor travel behaviors, destination perceptions and attitudes.

– We also provide demographic information of both visitors and non-visitors to your destination.

This is the study you’ll want to have to show your board, your city council, and your county supervisors. This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.

Destination Awareness Study

This is a custom survey designed to understand the level of awareness and visitation form those markets. This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.

Special Events Research

SMG’s Special Events Measurement allows a DMO to measure exactly how visitor behavior with regard to the destinations special events. The measurement includes the following insights:

 – Understand who is visiting your destination, the role special events played in their decision to visit as well as their demographic and behavioral profile.

– Understand the economic impact of your special events on your destination allowing you to prioritize special events to meet your destination's goals.

Database Profile

The SMG DMO Database profile looks to identify who your customer is and provide a level of detail that allows your organization to improve this asset as a marketing tool. The profile seeks to identify the demographic characteristics, the primary reason of interests, perception, and attitudes. This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.

Visitor Information/Center Research

SMG Visitor research is effective in developing in understanding how your visitor center can increase incremental spending through the information presented at the visitor center.  SMG’s research can help you:

– Understand specifically how people find your visitor center.

– Understand if your visitor center is presenting the kind of information that is generating incremental additional days spent in your destination or planting a seed for a future return trip.

– Find out who is visiting your visitor center, their reason for visiting as well as their demographic profile.

This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.


DMO Evolution Strategy and Design

DMO Organizational Strategy Design and Plan

SMG’s organizational strategy design and plan to assist your destination organization to identify important long-term strategies to ensure competitiveness. Destinations often do not recognize that their ability to change affects their competitiveness. The easier and more fluid this change is, the more competitive a destination can be. 


When assisting destinations with change strategy, we provide an overview of the forces of change shaping the specific issue a DMO is focused on. We then develop a Change Map that outlines the strategies and action steps to successfully implement the desired change. Finally, we assist the organization at whatever level of support it deems necessary. This product includes summary strategic observations and strategy recommendations.

Destination Strategic Analysis and Review

This is an in-depth analysis of your destination’s competitive position.  It includes the strategic issues, challenges, and opportunities facing your organization, and is designed to help you understand the current financial/economic position of your destination, its market segments, product offerings and more. The report is supported by quantitative analysis and comes with a full suite of recommendations designed to improve the competitive position of your destination.

Destination Storytellers  Creative Marketing Services




SMG Consulting's new creative marketing discipline, Destination Storytellers, now offers marketing communications research and information-based creative strategy and digital services that support your digital marketing programs and campaigns with more delightful visitor experiences, conversions, and higher ROI.

Signature Destination Storytelling

In contrast to destination stories that are mainly informational or trendy, our Signature Destination Stories are strategic assets. Their value isn’t just in the traveler awareness, emotional experience, or productive action they can create, but it’s also in their power to support and frame all your promotional communications—to unite, shape and drive—all your destination's other marketing messaging, so your destination can more clearly stand out from the competition and attract more visitors. The destination storytelling creativity of our artists--writers, videographers, designers--rests upon SMG Consulting's informed approach to marketing.

Creative Marketing Strategy and Brief

Our marketing creative strategy and brief captures your marketing goals and approach and translates them into descriptive creative strategy and actionable creative directives. This integrated and unified platform ensures the creative team works in concert to produce a final product that communicates your destination's Big Idea and message in the voice, look and feel you want for your brand.

Creative Marketing Research

Typically, the more intimate the knowledge of your customer is, the more relevant and effective your marketing is at every step and touch-point of your visitor's booking journey. Our creative marketing research tools raise your marketing productivity by going beyond web metrics and demographic data. Our offerings include creative communication concept testing, A/B testing, value perception testing, empathy mapping and more.

Creative Marketing Production and Project Management

We specialize in creative production and project management for all your destination's digital marketing needs. SMG Consulting approach that brings strategy and creativity together for destination marketers means the convenience of single-source provision for you! We destination websites, micro-sites and landing pages, e-newsletters and direct response emails, video shooting and editing, copywriting, content writing, digital and graphic design and marketing automation mappin for inbound and content marketing funnel approaches,